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        POOJA               SRIVASTAVA

My name is Pooja Srivastava and I am from India. I have always had a passion for cooking which has led me to open Pooja's Kitchen. Personally, I have always loved hosting friends and family and cooked homemade Indian meals and the overwhelming love I received for the food was extremely encouraging.This gave me the idea of starting an Indian Takeaway. 


Pooja's kitchen came into existence right from my own kitchen at home, where I cook pure vegetarian, authentic North Indian food with love and care. Restaurants offer specific dishes cooked in bulk, but I bring you everyday food cooked in every single home in India with fresh herbs and spices. The combination of dishes brought to you are specific to complement flavours and make a complete meal. These won't be found in any restaurants because most of these are my own creation with new, authentic flavours. 


Pooja's kitchen is not a restaurant but a local food takeaway. I cook ordered food fresh a few hours before pick up. You can place your order a day in advance specifying the time of pick up and whether your choice is Vegan or Vegetarian. You can collect the food from my house at the specified time.


You can now get food delivered at your doorstep on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm via DELIVEROO.

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